Britain: Meaningless Politics Deserve Nothing But Meaningless Riots

There is a huge dispute among the English pundits on how to explain the spread of riots across the English cities last week. The leftist opinion, generally speaking, blames youngsters’  disenfranchisement and deprivation. They are generally seeing the events as a reflection of these kids’ economical and social status; a status, according to them, in which the government is responsible for the poor level that has reached. On the other hand, the rightist sociologists blame the “welfare state”, which they accuse of spoiling this generation and raising them with a kind of education which kept telling them that they can gain things without doing anything. They also attribute the cause of what has happened to the social and economical effects of the welfare state policies. Both sides share the government’s opinion, which sees nothing but pure criminality, that there is nothing “political” in these events but other social, economical or even psychological factors. Continue reading